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About Artisiam


Artisiam are independent and are free to recommend the most appropriate technology and systems.
Fields of Expertise

As an organisation  we are truly independent and are free to recommended any approaches and technologies that are appropriate to meet the requirements of our customers.

With over 25 years of experience in  many market sectors both national and international,  we have the depth and strength of  experience to develop solutions that provide :

• Rapid returns on investment

• Intuitive, highly valuable customer contact

• Operational effectiveness


Any-Media is our watchword.  Our thought leadership is based on intimate existing and emerging technologies and how they can be woven into the corporate fabric of an organisation.

We aim to reference the past, enhance the present and define the future of customer contact.

Our Areas of Focus
  • Contact Centre Technology, (present & future)

  • Cloud & Hosted vs Premise

  • Service Automation

  • Digital Transformation

  • CRM

  • Customer Experience

  • Omni-channel Contact Centres (relevance and benefits)

  • Analytics (actionable insight to gain & retain customers)

  • Human Factors  (organisation structure and control)

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